Welcome Deck Runner, I'm Unkn. That's pronounce like unknown. Maybe someone told you about my list. Maybe I reached out to you in a reading. However you found this, you have found my list of demons & entities. Use this list as a guide to help you find just the write entity to trap in a card. I compiled this list from my own research as well as from what other Deck Runners have told me. I've trapped a few myself and I can vouch for those. Some were entities trapped by the person and some they have heard about. Use these at your own risk. You may find the alterations you need to make are not quite what I have here. You may also find that the complications are worse that you expected.

- Unkn
Select a specific pantheon from the drop-down or use the search box to narrow down the list. You can type any combination of words to find an entity that matches all you the words you enter.
As you browse the list, you can click on an entry to mark it for later as you try to find just the right demon to summon.

ID Name Power Alteration Complications
Here's a spread that I like to use when I am trying to get information from the crards. This is good when I want to see what options I have ahead.
The Subject
  • The first card tells you what the subject of this reading is. It could be a person, a place, a date or whatever else.
  • Arrow Arrow
    Choice 1 Choice 2
  • The cards on the second row represent a choice. You'll have two choices when it comes to that subject. One might be a good choice and the other a bad one. Maybe both are good or both are bad. Regardless, these are the paths ahead of you.
  • Arrow Arrow
    The Impact
  • The card on the third row tells you what those chocies will impact. Don't rush into that choice. Think of the impact each will have.
  • This site was created to help browse a list of Demons and other entities that could be used with the journaling RPG Wreck This Deck.

    The list was generted using ChatGPT. I started with the following prompt:
    I'm playing the solo RPG Wreck This Deck. In it you pretend you are trapping demons into playing cards. I need a list of 20 demons with the following information:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Power (just a sentence)
    • How to alter the card to summon the demon
    • What the demon needs
    • A list of complications that can arrise when the demon's card is used.
    The following adjustments needed to be made.
    I don't need Requirements included. All the Summoning Alterations need to permanently alter the card. At least one doesn't. Alterations should not completely destroy the card. Can you give each demon at least 3 complications and up to 5.
    Once the data looked good, I asked for the output to be formatted in JSON. After that, adding this to the end of each request really helped.
    The alterations should fit the theme of "Wreck this Deck". Only allow only negative complications:
    There is no intent to harm nor offend anyone. This list is intended to help players come up with entities that will feel appropriate to their game. Please treat it accordingly.
    If you would like to reach out, you can find me on Board Game Geek.